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Sándor Szászvárosi — viol

Sándor Szászvárosi
Sándor Szászvárosi
He started his music studies at the age of four. After finishing the Secondary School of Music in Szeged, he continued his studies at the Liszt Ferenc Acedemy of Music in Budapest. Since 1980 he has participated in international courses - first with modern, then baroque violoncello and viola da gamba. His professors were Genevieve Begou (France), Wieland Kuijken (Belgium), Chatrin Meints (Chichago), Lars Ulrik Mortensen (Belgium), Joseph Podhoransky (Slovakia), Reiner Zipperling (Germany), José Vasquez (Austria). In 1992 he became the principal violoncellist in the Philharmonic Orchestra of Győr. He started to play the viola da gamba in 1995. Later he studied at the Vienna Academy of Music with professor José Vasquez with whom they gave several concerts together in Austria and Switzerland. He has given several concerts as a soloist and chamber musician in European concert halls playing either the cello or the viola da gamba.

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