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Sebastian Consort

Sebastian Consort
Sebastian Consort
The ensemble was founded in 2003, by Imre Lachegyi recorder artist, with the purpose of making renaissance and baroque consort music popular in Hungary. In addition, they intend to find and perform extraordinary, rarely played pieces. Originally the ensemble was entirely composed of recorders; the transcriptions of keyboard works, especially those written for the organ by Johann Sebastian Bach -as the name suggests- occupied a prominent place in their first programmes. However, the setup of the consort has changed throughout the years; its repertoire has extended both in genre and time. The present composition of the ensemble is the so-called "broken consort" (instruments belonging to different "families"), which is often complemented by singers. Their repertoire ranges from medieval times to the baroque period, although they often play contemporary music. In the past years they have had over fifty concerts in Vác, Budapest and throughout the country. They gladly perform at places with a special atmosphere, playing a special programme with a specific composition of performers.

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Imre Lachegyi — artistic director

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